Great newsletter. The earth did indeed shake this past weekend. I signed up on Saturday… :-)

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There has definitely been a fundamental change with Tana coming on the scene. They have absolutely nailed the blend of block-based & structured data. Being a Notion user and then a Roam user, it always felt you were on two sides of the note-taking spectrum yelling at the other why it was better.

Tana is like a mediator that is bringing both my wonderful worlds (& friends) together. It's spectacular. I knew as soon as I saw the first video that I was switching over!

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Oct 4, 2022Liked by Fei-Ling Tseng

I tend not to jump ship as often we're jumping from the Arc to the Titanic. Yes I know this is an almost insulting metaphor yet, we've got to go slowly and let the groundswell calm and find its own level for sure.

I like what I see thus far within Tana (is there a significance to the naming?) and I expect users from other competing products will jump in.

My subscription for Roam is safe for now and I expect a few competing products may be tempted (of course they will) to emulate (copy the hell outa) Tana functions and capabilities.

I personally have to take a deep dive in and make distinctions, understand the relationships between the processes and thus make my perspectives known to myself and others.

I look forward to discovering the eventual price point for users to commit to. I do however definitely don't want to see another Roamesque type of price point that basically thwarted regular folk users from jumping into Roam.

If Tana is to be the common person's Note taking, Knowledge making database framework; I hope the price point is affordable for everyone to have access to.

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I'm just figuring out Roam (inspired in no small part by Maggie's sketches). Are you starting to mess with me again Fei? Why are you tempting me?

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is it possible to get an invitation?

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Fei - any chance you can “put in a good word” with Tana for those of us on the waiting list?

I love my “shiny new objects”. It’s half the fun of the journey .. 😎

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