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Thoroughly enjoyed reading about your childhood experience. I remember your Mum mentioning that as a kid you would toil over a puzzle to figure it out on your own, not asking for help. You were and still are that determined! Good for you.

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Nederlands is echt een moeilijke taal om te leren!

Exciting post Fei! Personally, I would love getting updates through Substack, maybe at a different section of the issue if the main topic is on something else. That way I know I'm up to date and the updates come at regular intervals.

Btw, haven't heard the working with the garage door metaphor before, but that is a super helpful way to think about it!

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Love all the linkages you made. In kids 'selective mutism' is just that – the kid's selecting not to talk. Best remedy: time minus pressure. I love that your first words were a request for smokes. hahaha! Imitate then innovate :)

That Ira Glass quote is gold. Glad you're building in public. I vote for updates in your newsletter. Your newsletter's essentially your status update, so this feels completely authentic. Can't wait for the next installment.

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