"Some overcome this shortcoming by using the Search bar very well."

Right. I think this is a very common way to address it. Evernote is good at the search. Indexing notes would also be one of the solutions. But still, the more notes accumulated, the more time needed to find things searching.

"I found that more notes don’t correlate with better ideas."

I agree with this. "The problem is we ascribe value to our thoughts and findings. They took time to think up and find; they’ve got to be worth something. We’re scared to lose them." Ref: https://share.glasp.co/kei/?p=26FBC5Vrooq1lOca3Cto

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Apr 5, 2022Liked by Fei-Ling Tseng

Great job on the mason jars! I need to do some spring cleaning and organizing as well but all I do is think about it. Lol!

As for taking notes, if something catches my attention, I jot it down on my ipad. Mainly as inspiration for my next poem. Oh, and I have been documenting the weird coincidences and almost psychic experiences I have had over the years. Some are totally mind boggling! Will share when we meet next. 😁

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Ooooo yes I am super curious now!! 🔮

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